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Can you list what you guys pack for camping? I'm going on a hiking trip soon and I can't figure out how to bring enough food/water and gear without my pack getting too heavy!


we usually backpack somewhere that has a river or creek or some way for us to filter water, that way we don’t have to pack it in. we usually take the backpacking meals, such as backpacker pantry etc., because they are super light and tiny and have enough carbs/protein to give us energy. we also take starbucks via (basically powdered coffee), granola bars/cliff bars, and trail mix for snacks.

as for gear—when we go backpacking, we go ultra-light (meaning our packed backpacks weigh less than 20 lbs—mine usually weighs around 14 and Zach’s usually weighs around 18)—it can get pretty expensive, since it’s using the latest technologies to make the equipment as light as possible. so we have been acquiring this stuff slowly, for a few years now. 

here is the general idea! (based on a weekend trip) (also I don’t usually know all the brands and titles, Zach helped me with that!)

-MSR Hubba Hubba NX tent

-custom Enlightened Equipment 30-degree down quilts (made in MN)

-Therma-rest Xtherm sleeping mat

-Jetboil titanium

-MSR Trail Duo (cooking/eating utensils) with Sea to Summit long titanium spoons—perfect for eating out of the two-serving Backpacker Pantry freeze-dried bags

-Snow Peak double-walled titanium mugs

-Platypus GravityWorks water purifier

-enough Backpacker Pantry meals (one two-serving bag for each meal we’re on the trail)

-trail mix, granola bars, VIA & hot chocolate packets

-Wet Wipes brand wipes (biodegradable)

-Colgate Wisps (tiny disposable toothbrushes with toothpaste on em already)

-face wipes

so we split those between our packs and also pack our personal items. here’s what I take in mine (again, for a weekend trip):

-Patagonia Better Sweater or Ultralight Down Hoodie depending on the weather

-Patagonia Ultralight Houdini rain jacket

-Nike running leggings

-Patagonia Merino Wool (Capilene 2) base layer pullover

-Patagonia Nine Trails shorts

-Patagonia underwear (I usually wear a pair and bring a pair, you can wear them for multiple days)

-New Balance Minimus trail shoes


-Smartwool socks

-a flannel


-two loose-fitting tees or tanks



and that’s about it! hope this helps ya! the trick is to only pack what you need and dress in layers!

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Evening walk at the harbor 🌄


Evening walk at the harbor 🌄

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do you ever just realise you’re almost an adult and you have no money 

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Always seek adventure. 


Always seek adventure. 

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